I'm not saying he was a great guy, just that the Jor El hologram talked about Zod as being this brilliant military mind and great general. But everything we saw was just him being an impulsive jackass. »9/02/14 7:45pm9/02/14 7:45pm


Who fundamentally changed? Cally or Tory? Or Tyrol? I can totally see a parent who is now pulling constant shifts and basically raising a child alone to snapping like she did. Plus, she clearly has self esteem and depression issues to begin with, SHE MARRIED A MAN WHO SHATTERED HER JAW. Cally has some deep-seated… »12/18/13 7:24pm12/18/13 7:24pm

It's easy to learn and practice, but partners need to be careful, and, ideally, fall with it, not try to muscle through resisting it. The reality is that if you need to apply it, they will try to resist, and they will get injured, which makes it good self defense, poor competition. The true defense against it is to… »11/21/13 7:53pm11/21/13 7:53pm